About Doclopedia

Doclopedia is a personal medical organizer. Use doclopedia to put your medical history, prescriptions, and bills in one convenient space. Doclopedia will help you keep accurate information and organize it in the format your doctor needs to be useful. Using doclopedia, you create and control your own personal electronic medical record. You can use your record to get ready for new doctor visits, keep track of important family history, prepare your income taxes, and have them ready in case of emergency.

Doclopedia also helps you find doctors, tests, and products in a FREE, competitive healthcare marketplace. By allowing you to customize searches, doclopedia helps you find the doctors, goods, and services you want the way you want them. If you have a health savings account, or no insurance, the doclopedia marketplace connects you to lower prices by contracting with providers at their best "cash" price.

Doclopedia is part of the health savings account revolution in healthcare. Through doclopedia, you can find insurance with high deductibles but lower premiums. Instead of paying high premiums, doclopedia will connect you to a health savings account that will allow you to save unused money from your healthcare budget for the future without paying taxes. The combination of a health savings account, and a high-deductible insurance plan, gives you the best of both worlds: insurance if you need it, and savings if you don't.

To join doclopedia, simply complete the quick reqistration process at doclopedia.com/SignUp.aspx. Membership is FREE.

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