Is my information secure?
Your personal login and password are required to access your medical profile. Your medical history is stored in the Doclopedia database, securely hosted and maintained by employees living in the United States. Doclopedia will never send the database offshore, protecting your privacy and information. In addition, doclopedia will never sell or distribute any of your personal information for any purpose other than providing your medical information to medical providers that you select. For additional information, please take a minute to review our privacy policy.

Who can see my information?
Your secure electronic medical record is only visible to you and those doctors you chose to see it. Once you have scheduled an appointment with a doctor through doclopedia, that doctor will have access to your medical information for 30 days. This enables the Doctor to better treat you upon and after your visit.

What about HIPAA Compliance?
HIPAA is a government law ensuring the privacy or information about you held by others. The heath records on doclopedia belong to you and therefore do not fall under the jurisdiction of HIPAA. However, confidentiality is one of our greatest concerns, and we have voluntarily used HIPPA regulations as a guideline for our own policies and procedures with respect to your personal information.

What if I have a Health Savings Account already?
Great! Did you know the IRS requires you to document your purchases using your HSA were required for health care? The doclopedia HSA Tracker links your purchases to the diagnoses you and your doctor establish in your health record to add to your documentation.

Is doclopedia free for the consumer?
Absolutely! Doclopedia is the premier online health record and tax tool for Health Savings Accounts. Doclopedia was designed to help consumers be better prepared for doctor visits and more informed about spending decisions. Please create your free account on the doclopedia home page by clicking here.

Who is the website protected by?
Verisign Inc (NASDAQ: VRSN) operates intelligent infrastructure services that enable and protect billions of interactions daily across the world’s data networks. Every day, Verisign processes as many as 18 billion Internet interactions. Verisign provides the services that help over 500,000 Web sites to operate securely, reliably, and efficiently.

What kind of browser should I use?
The Doclopedia website is best viewed with the 6.0 version or higher of Internet Explorer. You can download Internet Explorer from: or Windows Update. Keep in mind that the Doclopedia website may run on other browsers (i.e., Netscape, Firefox) but is designed and supported for use with Internet Explorer (6.0 or higher).

Do I need my cookies enabled?
Enabling cookies is required. In Internet Explorer 6.0+, this setting can be found under Tools, Internet Options, and then, under the Privacy tab.

Do I need Javascript enabled?
Javascript must be enabled in order for the site to function properly. To enable Javascript in Internet Explorer 6.0+, select Tools from the main menu, and then click Internet Options. On the Internet Options screen, click the Security tab. Select Internet, then click the Custom button toward the bottom of the page. Scroll down about 2/3 of the way until you find a heading called scripting. Under the Active scripting section, select Enable.

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