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U.S. Bank
U.S. Bank - Health Savings Solutions, a leading HSA administrator, offers an easy-to-use Health Savings Account (HSA) to take control and manage your healthcare expenses. The U.S. Bank HSA offers integrated investment options along with access to an array of on-line tools to make educated healthcare decisions. Through our experience and HSA product features, we empower you with financial control, choice and access to valuable information to make you an informed healthcare consumer. Visit us at
The™ online store provides a convenient and private shopping experience with thousands of brand-name personal health care products; a full-service, licensed retail pharmacy; and contact lenses, all at competitive prices. The HSA Store flags over 3,000 products eligible under IRS guidelines. is a family health history website that allows you to build your family pedigree and then enter in diseases that run in your family. By being aware of diseases that run in your family, you can take steps to treat and prevent these problems early, before it is too late. Sharing and discussing your family health history with your doctor will lead to better health. Start your family health history today! What Runs In Yours?
Alliance Bank of Arizona
Alliance Bank of Arizona is one of the premier community business banks in Arizona.  Specializing in serving businesses and professionals, Alliance Bank was one of the first banks in Arizona to begin offering Health Savings Accounts to its clients.  Commited to one-on-one relationships delivered by experienced bankers, Alliance Bank continues to be "Your Business Partner"
Arrowhead Health
Arrowhead Health is committed to caring for busy families, helping them avoid the inconveniences associated with receiving the best and most appropriate healthcare. We strive to create exceptional CONVENIENCE, CUSTOMER SERVICE, COORDINATION OF CARE and CONTINUOUS VALUE INNOVATION – in fact, we call these the 4 C’s. Our goal is to “Lead the Experience of Healthcare” in our community. Our multi-specialty team of family physicians, physical therapists, pain-management physicians, and chiropractors are all here for you – under one roof – no more running from office to office. On-site laboratory services; On-site diagnostic services; Same-day availability of early morning, evening and Saturday appointments; Minimal waiting; A team of highly experienced professionals with a wide variety of specialties working together as one team for superior care coordination; A user-friendly website; Electronic medical records; and more. One Team. One Mission. One Goal.
If you’re an individual, employer or an insurance broker looking for simple answers to the most common questions about High Deductible Health Plans and HSAs, is an educational resource and community of advocates that helps support the adoption of Health Savings Accounts as a positive change in American health care.
HSA For America
HSA for America is the nation’s leading broker of family and individual HSA-qualified health insurance plans. At you will find information about HSAs, HSA-qualified health insurance plans, and banks and administrators where you can establish your health savings account, along with instant quotes and online applications for hundreds of plans.
CDHC Solutions
CDHC Solutions is the leading business magazine and online community serving employers, TPAs, consultants, brokers and health plans. This is a fast-moving and changing market; employers and others are seeking solutions; and the best time for you to be in front of your prospects is when they´re reading about consumer-driven health care solutions, challenges, and innovations in the pages of CDHC Solutions magazine. Through our publication, you will reach over 46,000 Employers-CFOs, VPs HR; benefits managers; plus the TPAs; benefits brokers and health plans who work with them.  CDHC Solutions is an effective marketing medium for your company to build trust; credibility; brand presence and develop your business opportunities with key prospects.  Visit and become a free member on the only member-based networking site geared towards consumer-driven health care!
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